Your social network now becomes the “Universal Network”…

univeral network

If you look at how many people are on the various social networking sites, the total would be well over 1.5 billion, with 900,000 million users on Facebook and Twitter alone.  Imagine how many people that is and the impact on our lives….Sharing photos, news, connecting to family and friends, promoting events, ideas, growing businesses, etc.  Now what if I told you all those uses of Social Networking pales in comparison to what is coming?  Imagine your network expanding 10-fold, 20-fold? Imagine being connected to more than humans, Imagine being connected to almost everything you own, everything you use, all the time, anywhere?

So now your saying, Richard; I don’t want any more connections, any more things to look at on my wall.  I was drinking from the firehose before, and now your going to double it???? no thanks…….well, your Universe could get a whole lot larger….

Toyota announced it was setting up a social network between cars and their owners using’s Chatter and Microsoft.  The impact of this is huge, but not from the sole standpoint of your vehicle tweeting you or FaceBooking-ing you when it has something to share.  No the real impact of this is NOT from only the consumer side, but more importantly from the Industrial and Manufactoring  sectors involved with Building Management, Remote Monitoring, and assorted other Industrial uses like Energy Management Systems.  The events with Toyota will no doubt help fuel the race for consumer productsd being able to share with their owners various status updates and other engagements, pinning on the heels of the SmartGrid and SmartMeters ability to inform you thru your Social Network and Mobile Devices of occurring changes to their status and your environment.

The floodgates could begin to open up on this with the success of the Toyota Social Experiment, and we will surely see copycats in the consumer space, beginning with autos, expanding to appliances, potentially expanding to all types of objects.  With so many additional devices connected to the internet, the potential for abuse is clearly increased exponentially.  I also wonder should this new paradigm unfold as expected, would it signal a dramatic change in Social Network adoption?

I guess our Social Network is about to get just a little bit larger…


June 9th update: Enterasys rolls out software-allows netwrk admins 2 access mgmt system viaTwitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & SFDC’s Chatter.

So here is another example of what I was saying….Now all types of devices will take part on the social wave, expanding your network…

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