Where is Enterprise Collaboration Going?

So we have seen the maturity of Enterprise Collaboration over the past 10-15 years, starting from message boards, email, instant messaging, SMS, document sharing\collaboration, then into Web 2.0 with micro blogging\Tweeting, Social, Geo-Location, Cloud Computing, etc.  But I think the underlying premise has been that there is so much content and information, it is almost impossible to block out the noise.  For the Enterprise this is especially true, as the inception of Emergent Social Platforms only brought us the information & people, but it did not help us discern the WHO we really needed to connect with?, WHAT we really needed to read?, WHERE is the important “stuff” i need to know?  No, today’s Enterprise Collaboration programs and platforms are more concerned with WHERE do I go to find this “stuff”.   I mean looking at my Facebook page, i have to “unlike” so much crap now, because I was getting too much information from people and groups i sort-of liked, but my lord, could not take any more updates.   I guess though, I am the same, posting crap most people don’t care about, but maybe someone will acknowledge something I posted helped them in some way. 

So now as any good evolution cycle demonstrates, we will see new functionalities embedded into Enterprise Collaboration Programs; Recommendation Engines and Collaborative Decision-Engines designed to help identify the key players, thus linking to the critical information needed for business decisions.  With this I see the ranking and rating systems becoming even more important, as companies will want to understand the background algorithms these systems use to make the recommendation and decisions needed to finally show business value of all these Enterprise Collaboration platforms.  People like simplicity, and it takes too much time to parse through all the crap we get everyday; Information Overload is everywhere, and people cannot take it anymore!

In regard to Emergent Social Platforms (Enterprise 2.0), this has been one of the barriers company leaders have in deploying these systems;  in showing true Top-Line Return On Investment (ROI) of these platforms, and perhaps in 2011 we will see those ROI stories translating into mass rewards for companies?  I know I am ready.

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