U.S. Is on the Decline? Look around..You Bet it is!

There is a new survey that came out on July 30, 2010, that polled 900 registered voters from across the racial, political, and economic sectors asking if the US was on the decline? The overwhelming responses from all those polled was YES, 62% think as a civilization the US is headed downward !

How can that be?  How can one, if not the greatest nation to walk the face of the earth in civilization be on the decline?  How can a nation of 229 years be ready to slide off it’s perch of world leadership?  I thought about this and tried to figure out the cause, and I think I figured it out.

What is so different today, than 229 years ago?

I think there are several factors:

(1) The generation of the baby boomers

The first generation after World War 2, who were indulged by their parents who just beat facisim and totalitarianism, came back home to the economic explosion sweeping across the victorious nation.  Those Baby Boomers became the hippies and flower children, either ignoring or forgetting the fight and struggle against tyranny and oppression their parents just went through.  Baby Boomers, who became the most selfish and self-centered generation ever to exist in the USA.  They were the “ME” Generation and took the freedoms and wealth, and core principles their parents and grandparents had for granted.   In the 1960’s these kids, high on the prosperity and freedoms provided from the previous generation and faced with racial injustices and the civil rights movement were eager to wrong social injustices, yet were easily manipulated into the communist teachings of Stalin, Karl Marx, Mao, and others declaring the “people” were oppressed because the ones who were successful in the US and the world, built their wealth on the backs of the poor.  They were told how the socialist and communist societies makes everyone’s life better by spreading the wealth (remember that line from the 2008 elections?).  These Baby Boomers are now the same folks who have been running the government and education systems for decades, indoctrinating kids into liberal and progressive thinking, basing motives on righting “Social Injustices”.  They use the economic status, falsely touting racism towards minorities and the poor as a way to mobilize their base.  Under the socialists, progressives…err…I mean Democrats their war on poverty still rages after 50 years with little tangible changes.  How’s that poverty war working for you?  Many of these progressives realizing their radical change cannot be made in the private sector, which directly contradicts with the socialist ideals of fairness and “justice”, took to the positions where they could legislate and educate their beliefs to the young and those too uneducated to realize there were other views and root causes to the strife in modern American society…namely the power these socialists, progressives want for themselves, to be the ruling class and tell Americans they know what is best for them.

(2) The Age of Entitlements

As our Nation was expanding, the early settlers along with our  founding fathers  took nothing for granted in how they lived their lives.  Life back then was hard.  Not everyone survived, illness, disease, cut short many lives.  You can call it whatever you want, but one thing was for sure, you had to work your ass off in order to survive.  Everyone pulled their weight, neighbors helped each other out, communities worked in unison to the betterment of all.   No one was given a handout, at least not on a permanent basis.  As our society grew and matured, medical advances increased the life expectancy, people expanded out of the cities, immigrants came to the young country, industrial revolutions, large companies, growing economic prosperity filled many pockets with “gold”.  But something also happened in our society, an idea built on the natural goodwill of Americans, the idea of helping the “underdog”.  With this honorable belief, segments of our population realized they could take advantage of the wealthier Americans who sacrificed, struggled and worked harder to achieve success, the American Dream. Then politics intruded into the notion that this American Dream was everyone’s God given right.  That for some reason, if you did not achieve the American Dream, it was because you were unfairly treated, given an unequal hand in life.  Somehow the message morphed that hard work, dedication, and sacrifice was not enough.  There had to be a guilty party to your miserable lot in life, that there needed to be a scapegoat, and the government, already stockpiled with socialist, progressives, and communists looking to grab power in this great nation were quick to point them out.  Big Companies were to blame.  Rich White men were to blame.  Someone had to be the one to blame, to get the populous riled about whose fault it was they did not achieve the American Dream. Everyone, and I mean everyone needs help now and then.  We all come across rough times in our lives, when a family member,  friend, or neighbor was there to pick us up, tell us we were going to be ok, and then we moved on.  In the 1950’s 28.3% lived off public assistance.  While in 2007 the number had grown to 52.6%.(RCP Article).  In 2007 more than half the population of the USA is living off the public assistance system.  WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?  I will tell you what happened.  Weak politicians looking only to maintain power, progressives,  socialists who lied and bullshitted the populous into believing they could not be successful on their own drove the entitlement numbers up. People bought into the lie, across all racial and demographic breakdowns, that they needed more and more help.  Our education system predicated and expanded that lie and piled on the notion the USA was an evil, rich nation, lifting itself off the backs of the poor, not only in this nation, but across the globe.  Those slimy politicians, not interested in helping anyone but themselves, began the income re-distribution thru the tax system and created multitudes of social programs to battle this injustice.  These politicians found an easy mark to maintain their power, creating an entitlement base of citizens who responded to the freebies with votes, mostly for the Socialists, progressives….err… I mean Democrats.  Look at the numerous states and counties run by these socialists, progressives…Democrats.  Taxes are always high, social programs make little or no difference, and the hard workers, small businesses, wealthy usually leave for a state where they are not vilified.

My Father…

My father came to the USA with little money, worked 3 jobs in order to support himself and put himself through college.  Spoke little English, but fought to learn the language and insisted his cousins, uncles, and assorted family spoke English and not Arabic.  He busted his ass and built up a successful business, reached financial independence, and helped out those less fortunate then him, providing they worked hard and were not lazy.  He did not believe in blindly helping people who refused to help themselves.   He was not political at all, in fact he hardly voted.  He preferred to see things through the eyes of someone who came from Iraq, where your words could mean life and death, so he usually kept his politics to himself.  He did however teach me many things about business and life.  One of my favorite sayings of his was:

“This country is made of gold.  It is everywhere; on the floors, walls, and streets.  Don’t you see it?”

Then he usually followed the previous quote with with another quote:

“You Stupid Americans!  The Gold is everywhere for the taking..don’t be lazy, get off your ass and take it.  It is right there for the taking, just grab it.  This is the greatest country on the face of the earth, you can do anything you want in America, and you stupid Americans take it for granted!”

I used to be embarrassed and somewhat insulted when he said those things, but now as I approach my 50’s I see he was right.  We are lazy, we take all of our potential for granted.  The world is jealous of the opportunities this nation has to offer, and wants to knock us down.  We are the world’s last, best chance for freedom and true democracy, and the internal enemies like progressives, socialists, and yes liberal Democrats would rather see us fail and fall.

So my friends, the US is on the decline, a slow decline starting in the 1920’s with the progressive movement of FDR, Truman, cumulating with the election of Barack Obama, the Saul Alinsky disciple who ran on lies and vague promises.  Remember the media is progressive, liberal, and they always hide the truth of the progressives and liberals…err…I mean Democrats.

The Revolution is coming..Conservatism is the only hope our nation has to turn this tide, or like Rome, we too shall eventually become a footnote in the history books, albeit a glorious footnote.


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