The Social Network – A film about Facebook

Do You Facebook? 

If you do not have a Facebook account, count yourself in the minority of 500 million people around the globe.  Facebook is the most unbelievable phenomenon I have ever seen, and launched an entire line of Corporate Social Networking opportunities.  Look how many companies now look to introduce some Facebook-like platform to build their Enterprise Collaboration Platform.

I cannot wait to see this movie. I think it will be a great film hopefully more about the idea of bringing people together in a new way than a technology-oriented movie.  How someone could think of emergent social networks is pretty cool, and I look forward to the film.   You can see a preview of the movie HERE.  I wonder how the filmmaker will approach the story?  I hope it is a good script, and not just a documentary !

Aside from Privacy concerns, and there are many for sure, I wonder why someone would not want to at least see what all the excitement is about Facebook?  I think many people share too much, but also there is great ways to meet new people, and expand your personal network.


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