What is the matter with Apple?

 In hearing Steve Jobs claim that Apple was giving away a free case to resolve the iPhone4’s antennae issues, and reading about users complaints that the iPAD has missed to be the Laptop-killer, I began to wonder what is happening with Apple? 

Sure they changed the way mobile phones will forever be judged, and the iPAD will undeniably launch a new series of devices, but could there be something wrong in the foundation of how Apple designs it products and acts on feedback from customers?

In hearing the thousands of complaints from users about the call quality and reception failures, clearly there is something fundamentally wrong with Apple’s design.  There was an earlier article touting how Apple’s designers broke new ground in coming up with a beautiful design for the iPhone4, and how it was almost art-like in form.  I agree, but somewhere Apple forgot the most basic rule:  A phone is used to make Phone Calls!  What is the point of a phone that I cannot use to make a reliable call with?  Maybe the new case will help the reception issue, but from what I have seen, holding the phone the proper way is akin to applying the Mr. Spock neck nerve pinch, something I could never figure out, no matter how many times I tried it on my brother. 

The iPAD, when I first saw it blew me away.  What a cool device, showing beautiful pictures and videos, reading online books, but then something struck me as I played with it; almost every web site I go to has FLASH embedded in it, and thus the blue boxes popped up telling me FLASH would be needed to see the contents.  I think I am sold on Windows 7, so I will wait until the many promised Tablets running Windows 7 come to market.  Why did’nt Apple include a camera and USB ports with the iPAD.  The cost per item is fairly low, so there must be some strategic reason?  I think Steve Jobs is convinced that Apple’s successes have made it insulated from any negative reactions or feedback from users and analysts, so he must think since the device is first to market, Apple can design the device as they like, and users will still purchase the products.  I mean where is the common sense to say, almost everyone has documents they would like to use on the iPAD, and by forcing users to use iTUNES as the download hub, you are pushing away corporate and power users.  Maybe Apple does not care about Corporate Users?  Maybe they only want to play in the Comsumer space?  Not too sure, but then why not provide a camera in the iPAD if your focusing on the Consumer market?  So again back to my original thought, what is the matter with Apple?


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