SmartFones, Laptops, Tablets……Lions, Tigers, and Bears..Oh MY

The iPhone 4 came out, everyone said ooh, and aah, here is the greatest looking phone ever !  Too bad you cannot use it to call anyone as long as you hold it in your hands.  Antennae problems I guess, or Operating system issues, depending on whom you believe.  So I guess the real use of the iPhone is to emit microwave radiation or use as a paper weight (so anti-rain-forest of me).  Before the iPhone 4 gen came out, the iPAD came out and WOW, it was a runaway success.  No more laptops, no more heavy devices to lug around.  But wait… a thought pondered in my mind; how many devices do I need to be connected?

So a typical person nowadays has a laptop, most likely running Windows Vista or 7, or maybe a MAC, and has a Smartfone, perhaps an iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, or one of the other iPhone touch screen clones.  I actually saw someone with an old fashioned flip phone, the kind with the itty-bitty screens. I smiled when I saw that, as it seemed to be years ago when those were the “norm”.  Anyway, so now you have 2 devices, but hold on!!  Now you need an iPAD, which I must say is very very cool!  I tried one a few weeks ago, thank you Jim, and it was sweet.  Of course, now the person could have 3 devices..and OMG, think of how evil that persons is, using all that energy to charge and recharge those devices? There should be an energy license to be allowed to use so many devices….evil capitalist swine !    🙂

Ok, I know I sound crazy, but really, how does one carry all those devices around, and when do you dump the Smartfone for the iPAD or other 3G/4G slate device?  Then when the Windows 7 Slate devices come out with the embedded 3G/4G chips, do I dump the Smartfones, and laptops?  I mean, most users should be confused, I would be if I was not tech savy.

So now Microsoft who along the way became a boring old-fashioned company, and somehow removed the word “INNOVATION” from almost every aspect of their day-to-day corporate lives, is now claiming to have many different types of “iPAD” clones coming out, but all running Windows 7.  I admit, I really like Windows 7, in fact it is the best desktop O/S from MS ever !  BUT and this is a big BUT, how can Microsoft “outcool” Apple? Can it be done?  I am not sure.  Steve Ballamar must run a great company, and probably does a great job in some fashion, but as for imagination, he may not be the best of the bunch.  Frankly, the lack of a Windows Mobile operating system has Microsoft practically out of the mobile phone business, and how can they catch Apple and Google starting from scratch now?

Ok, back to me original point: how many devices are we supposed to carry?  I think if I had to pick, I would pick 1 device; a Windows 7 Tablet with 3G/4G chip, so I can make phone calls and leverage the power of the Win 7 O/S.  I wonder how balanced the Win 7 slates will be so I can hold them up to my ear while calling…..oh that’s right, now I need a bluetooth headphone with a mic to talk….damn… more devices to carry, I think I need some new type of clothing with big pockets to carry all this crap.


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