Are Social Sites burning out? I say NO WAY !

There is an article written by Sharon Gaudin claiming that the attraction of Facebook may be declining.  She is basing this on the reduction of new sign-ups to Facebook, by a company tracking Facebook usage.  I can certainly understand how since the rapid increase in Facebook since 2009, there would be some slowdown.  After all Facebook has over 500 million users, so it was due to experience a slowdown at some point.  Does this mean that Social Networking is a fad, albeit a huge fad? Absolutely NOT !

What is going on is what I call the “Acceptance Curve”.  When a technology reaches critical mass, there is a point when it becomes so accepted, that it is no longer looked at as unique.  Social Networking has hit that curve.  Just think about ALL the people on ALL the Social Networking sites, one day all linked together, and interactions are simply accepted as part of the normal interactions between people.  Look today at most people on their smartphones, posting updates on Facebook or meeting up on FourSquare.  They are not doing this only while working, but on public transportation and even at dinner tables in homes and restaurants.

Social Networking has yet to fully permeate the last vestige of our lives; in the workplace, but with the advent of practitioners and evangelists, it is coming soon.  Hopefully, there will be no burnout in the Enterprise due to the hopeful alignment of business processes to the what the social networks provide.

But getting back to the question of Social Networking Burnout; I see individuals burning out, but as 1 person burns out, 2 or 3 may be renergized to take their place.  May it happen?  YES, it might, maybe, but as long as we are still strangers to each other, the enticement to meet someone new, to broaden our immediate network of friends and family will drive the use of Social Network Sites onward and upward.  I think we have only begun to see the use of Social Networking Site, and I cannot think of a better platform to bring down the tyranny in the world, to unleash the oppressed to find hope.  The power of the Social Networking Sites are so powerful, countries do whatever they can to block access to these sites in order to keep their citizens under control.

So if you get up every morning and update your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn BEFORE you brush your teeth or smoke your cigarette, then you are addicted, but your NOT a Burnout…….not YET !!!


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