Independence Day 2010

Today is July 4th, one of the most important dates in the history of this greatest nation on the planet. Far too seldom do people read the Declaration of Independence, to actually understand the risk to life the founding fathers, who would be tortured and quartered for their treason.

For that reason, I post here a link to read the Declaration of Independence, in simple text that you can read today, July 4th

I wonder that the fast paced America forgets the basic tenets of of liberty and freedoms, the sacrifices made by historic figures in forging our nation. The public education system, that gleans over history, looking to indoctrinate our children with political posturing, pushing the concepts of “Social Justice”, instead of historical facts and truisms necessary for our posterity.

On this day, I also remember some of the greatest presidents in our nation’s history: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and of course the throwback president; Ronald Reagan. In looking at the tea party movement that has exploded over the past year, the common message has been limited government and fiscal responsibility.

Limited Government

Whatever your political affiliation, the truth about limited government is clear and simple. Citizenry cannot expect our government to provide a bosom for life providing everything we need. Where is the American Spirit, the will to be free, fail or succeed on our own, without government’s intervention of every situation? Are there things the government needs to do–> sure, protect our nations boarders and interests abroad, provide a framework for society with laws of God and man, and that is it. Government cannot level the playing field to ensure 100% equality, because we as humans are not equal in terms of intelligence or perhaps desire and passion. What government can do is provide the framework for education, as the only thing that is for sure in the United States, is that living here is Advanced Citizenship. You have to have deep desire and passion, and a willingness to sacrifice, learn, and educate yourself in order to succeed.

Fiscal Responsibility

Why don’t you go buy a new car, new television, new clothes, fancy vacations,  etc anytime you want?  Simply because unless you can afford those toys an trips, you will use credit to pay for them, and the bill eventually has to be paid.  How can you as a citizen keep spending money you don’t have and expect to increase your wealth?  YOU CAN’T!  Same for the government!  For far too long, both Republican and Democrat governments has spent money they did not have, and now our national debt is over the 13 trillion dollar mark.  Citizens need to stop looking for local, state,  and federal governments for answers, and start looking at their neighbors for solutions.  We are on an unsustainable path towards the fiscal abyss, and we have to change the leadership locally, regionally, and nationally, to vote in people who can run the business of these United States, and pare down the debt and uncontrollable spending.

So this Fourth of July, why not get online in-between the BBQs and Beers, say a prayer for our Soldiers and their families, and read a little to your kids about the Declaration of Independence, the Founders of our Nation, historical Heroes who were ready to die for a dream: these United States of America!

God Bless you and your family and God Bless the United States of America


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